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The Epidemiology of Grippe

Updated on February 24, 2017



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According to the Centers for Disease Ascendence and Bar (CDC) (2016), the virus ordinarily known as grippe or “the flu” is really various dissimilar strains that onrush the speed respiratory organization in humanity, and that oftentimes use animals as carriers. The virus mutates quickly sufficiency that new vaccines for it moldiness be produced p.a., since it is technically not the like pains of virus as it was in premature age. The contagion rates of the virus soar during the colder months, arrival its bill in overwinter. This point of idealistic contagion is known as the flu harden, and terminated a poop jillion masses die yearly during this sentence. Done hinderance upkeep and campaigns to elevate inoculation, world wellness nurses can gravely restrict the effects of the flu virus annually (Graham-Rowe, 2011).

Description of the Disease

Grippe causes febricity, coughing, pharyngitis, rhinal over-crowding, muscularity botheration, headaches, and jade. Gi hurt is too known to hap should the virus bedcover to the venter. According to Ban (2013), the flu is no thirster infective later fin to 7 years. Nonetheless, the symptoms of the disease may continue around manikin for capable fortnight anterior to attack. Grippe is gap by airborne particles of wet that are expelled from an septic person when they coughing, sternutation, or but emit. When another someone inhales these particles, the risk badly increases. For this cause, multitude who are not inoculated against the virus are encouraged to assume facial masks when open to septic individuals. (CDC, 2016).

According to the Forbidding (2013), grippe can movement grievous complications in the frown respiratory organization such as bronchitis and pneumonia. In about terrible cases, neurologic weather can produce, such as intellectual oedema and Guillain-Barre syndrome. Remote of neurologic participation, which is uncommon, the virus commonly kills by way of inordinate flexible of the lour respiratory organisation which impedes the body’s power to obtain o, so enfeebling the personify farther and creating a bicycle in which the resistant organisation cannot repulse the transmission.

According to the CDC (2016), incumbrance medicament is the 1 well-nigh efficient way to fighting flu. The vaccinum for flu is updated yearly and is distributed to the public. Blanket populace wellness campaigns are funded to civilise multitude on the indigence to experience a vaccinum, and good-hearted organizations assay to pee-pee them usable to needy communities. In add-on to protecting those who are inoculated, far-flung brass of the vaccinum removes these multitude as likely hosts for the virus and impedes its gap. Lowly treasure grippe is potential with the use of antiviral medicament, though these are not a remedy and are not as effectual as bar (Ban, 2013).

According to Graham-Rowe (2011), the value of influenza-related end has increased importantly complete the preceding declination due to the issue of two special strains: H5N1 or “bird flu” and H1N1 or “swine flu. Patch boo flu is more deadly but less contractable, swine flu is more transmissible but less deadly. Unitedly, these two strains deliver increased the morbidness and deathrate rates of grippe globally. According to the CDC (2016), during the 2014-2015 flu flavor, some 33% of patients who had respiratory examination through were convinced for approximately straining of the grippe virus.

Determinants of Wellness

According to Maurer and Metalworker (2009), the epidemiologic trilateral comprises quadruplet parts: emcee, environs, broker, and sentence. World are the server for flu as they are the beast able of wide pursy transmission. The weaker a human’s resistant organisation, the more worthy a legion for the virus. Immunocompromised patients are at highly eminent danger with regards to flu. (CDC, 2016).

One crucial environmental element discussed by Graham-Rowe (2011) is the fleshly carriers fo the disease. Strains of the sickness such as H1N1 (swine flu) and H5N1 (birdie flu) can let reservoirs in these various animals. Any buzz open to these animals due to geographics or living is at a higher risk. Former environmental factors be such as photo to over-the-counter hosts. A healthcare doer is in one of the virtually open situations, and has a hapless environmental determining of wellness as compared to mortal who has real fiddling risk (CDC, 2016).

The broker of the virus is the wet particles by which the virus is hereditary ‘tween multitude. Identical unproblematic hygienical practices can impact this determiner of wellness, such as masking one’s lip during sternutation or cough and script wash. One’s teaching some disease bar and the adhesiveness to such protocol is an authoritative clincher in flu chance (CDC, 2016).

The terminal deciding of wellness is the brooding and diagnostic flow for the disease. As mentioned originally, the virus has stopped-up existence infective abaft пять to семь years inside a emcee, though the server may keep viewing symptoms for capable fortnight. This factor of clock is the net slice of the epidemiologic trigon (meter), and it is delineated by the essence of the trigon (Forbiddance, 2013; Maurer & Metalworker, 2009).

Part of the Community Wellness Nanny

According to Maurer & Metalworker (2009), probe and coverage on rates and instances of catching diseases is one of the chief roles of a community wellness suck. It is community wellness nurses that accumulate statistics on diseases such as flu and account their findings to the CDC. Therein way, a community wellness nurse’s independent persona in addressing flu is in data solicitation for the determination of creating a more enlightened and inclined world. The info collected by them allows for precise hazard judgement and to running the procession of interventions. A vaccine’s potency is rated by this self-collected information, and the followers years’ vaccinum is produced spell referencing this like information. Without search and reportage, the scientists who grow the vaccinum would fundamentally be operational blindly.

In a local sensation, community wellness nurses can pattern advertizement campaigns and community workshops to see that masses infer the risks of grippe and the benefits of receiving the vaccinum. The system of good-hearted financing, insurance reclaim in schools, and mastermind interaction with the world all dip below the horizon of the community wellness wet-nurse in addressing flu (Maurer & Metalworker, 2009).

The Man Wellness Formation (WHO) disseminates lit on flu bar, helps counselor-at-law for and coordinate backing for the vaccinum to compass destitute communities some the reality, and has an built-in post in the conflict against grippe globally. Since the former Seventies, WHO has been tortuous in researching grippe and its changing strains. Since that sentence, WHO has provided the companies which grow the vaccinum the data necessity to set the make-up of the vaccinum and which strains it should objective.


The independent cock the aesculapian organisation has in combating flu is breeding, both of the public and of the researchers perusing the disease. Due to the changing nature of the multiple strains of the virus, flu cannot be “cured” and rather a combat is fought p.a. to derogate its impression on the universe. Community wellness nurses gaming an significant part in both the information solicitation and dispersal of info regarding grippe for the purposes of good hinderance upkeep.


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